• Hints of lemon water add sparkle to this blend of raspberry, white flowers and green woods. Sweet undertones of vanilla blend with sugared musk for a lingering base note.
  • Top – lemon, dew drops
  • Middle – raspberry, green woods, white floral
  • Bottom – vanilla, sugary musk

Breeze Belize

  • Cool watery tones refresh this lush blend of misted sea grass, warm sand and beach rose. Hints of sea salt lead to the base of sea moss and driftwood.
  • Top – watery, green
  • Middle – sea grasses, beach rose, warm sands, sea salt
  • Bottom – sea moss, driftwood

French Linen

  • Sweet lavender is surrounded with shimmering dew drops, bergamot and layers of green foliage to create this soothing sensation. Sheer woods lead to the lingering base of musk and incense.
  • Top: Dew drops
  • Middle: Sweet lavender, bergamot, layers of green foliage, sheer woods
  • Bottom: Musk, incense

Green Velvet

  • This creamy, sweet blend is laced with bucu leaf and topped with amaretto for a lush sensation. Hints of orange and fresh peachy tones are finished with dense, wet woods to warm the creamy undertone.
  • Top – orange, amaretto
  • Middle – bucu leaf, peachy, woody
  • Bottom – creamy, sweet


  • Geranium and spiced patchouli create an exotic fragrance signature for this scent. Layers of resinous woods blend with incense for richness while a hint of vanilla lingers.
  • Top: Geranium
  • Middle: Patchouli, exotic spices, elemi, guiacwood
  • Bottom: Incense, vanilla

Mixed Media

  • A vinyl accord blends with fresh green stems and ozonic top notes to surprise the senses. Cork and oak moss create a powdery undertone that is sweetened with cactus flowers and layered with a hint of smoke and desert dust.
  • Top – green stems, ozone
  • Middle – vinyl accord, cactus flower, desert dust
  • Bottom – cork, oak moss, smoke

New Havana

  • Peppered apricot and green lilies are blended with rose hips and a hint of rum in this lush fruity floral scent. Creamy sweetness intertwines, as layers of silky vanilla and coconut water balance with a hint of musk.
  • Top: Fruity, green, rum
  • Middle: Apricot, black pepper, green lily, rose hips
  • Bottom: Vanilla, coconut water, musk

Turkish Sunset

  • Sweet vanilla is layered with hints of butter rum and exotic spices for this sensual delight. Warm elements of sandalwood, incense and benzoin create dense richness to balance the vanilla.
  • Top: Butter rum
  • Middle: Exotic spices
  • Bottom: Vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin, incense

Quince & Roses

  • A fresh rose bouquet is showered with watery tones and twisted with bracing notes of juniper and mint in this fruity floral creation. Leafy greens elevate the natural sensation and lead to the lingering musky base note.
  • Top: Watery, mint
  • Middle: Rose, juniper, leafy greens
  • Bottom: Musk

Violetes de Nice

  • Shimmering leafy tones blend with a hint of bergamot to add lift to this floral blend of violet and damascene rose. Musky undertones unfold in layers to create a soft halo for the bouquet.
  • Top: Bergamot, leafy greens
  • Middle: Floral, violet, damascene rose, woody
  • Bottom: Layers of musk