Xaya Candles was born in Los Angeles California and crafted together by a brother sister team. Alexandra and Maximilian both grew up surrounded by art. With a deep affinity for culture and travel the two decided to embark on a luxury candle brand that would marry their passions, with just a touch of fantasy. They wanted to produce a line of candles that would offer anyone the chance to experience a new story each time they lit a candle.

They immersed themselves into a business making candles and fragrances, seeking the most exotic, alluring, and calming scents from around the world. After hundreds of wax and oil blend trials which took several years, this was no longer a hobby. Xaya became a family business producing high quality and exquisite candles.

The brand infuses a narrative into every candle, making it a gift from one family to another. The family team is astutely aware of the importance of the feelings, aesthetic details, and overall ambiance that candles bring in to everyday life. Candles can be used during celebrations, meditation, praying, entertaining or personal pampering. From home to office, Xaya Candles will light up your senses, elevate your décor, wrap you in serenity, and inspire memories.

From humble beginning making the first candles in Alexandra’s studio to today, Xaya Candles brings together the passion, dedication to quality, and craftsmanship of two generations to give you an affordable luxury to enjoy.

Proudly American, Xaya offers only eco-friendly candles with lead-free cotton wicks, carefully crafted natural wax blends, and timeless and eclectic fragrances composed by renowned national & international perfumers and Fragrance Houses.

Maximilian and Alexandra brought together their energies and visions to give life to a brand that they hope will inspire a message to believe that with a dream, anything is possible.